Episode 265: Why All Business Problems are People Problems with Eric Anderton

When you think of it, all business problems are people problems. And in the chaotic construction world where systematization is not a norm, it’s safe to say that people problem remains the biggest main challenge, and it’s not the tools, projects, and whatnot.

And to help us understand more about people problem, we have Eric Anderton on the podcast today.

Eric is a leading construction leadership and strategic consultant, author, and keynote speaker behind Construction Genius, with over 25 years of experience in public speaking.

And he’s here to sit down and talk about…

– Why every business problem is a people problem?

– How do you repel the wrong people and attract and retain your rockstar employees?

– A guide on how leaders should help build their team’s confidence 

– The 3 Fs in conducting an effective team meeting

– Plus so much more

If your construction business is struggling with endless problems, it’s time to get down to its root cause before it worsens. So, make sure to listen to today’s episode of The Construction Leading Edge podcast and learn how.

You don’t want to miss this one!

Key Takeaways:

Introduction (00:00)

People problem as the biggest challenge (02:38)

Symptoms if you have a people problem (04:02)

How to repel the wrong people? (07:48)

Best retention strategies (10:42)

When a newcomer leapfrogs long-time employees (16:26)

How does a leader build his team’s confidence? (19:46)

Steps in making team meetings functional, fast, and fun (32:17)

The truth about retirement (41:59)

Episode wrap-up (44:28)

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