Episode 288: What High Performers Actually Want & Finding Opportunity in Chaos with Isaac Barlow

How do you attract top talents to your construction business?

You’d be surprised that it isn’t just about the money; it’s something else.

So in this week’s episode, I sat down with Isaac Barlow, the CEO of busybusy, a top-ranked GPS time tracking software that provides what every construction business owner wants in a tracking app.

Today, Isaac and I talk about what high performers really want and how having this in place will help you recruit top talents in the industry, improve your company’s productivity, increase your profitability, and create a culture of excellence.

Let’s get started!

How Busybusy Started

According to Isaac’s research, 70% of the time, construction companies fail. And they usually fall to rock bottom within seven years.

It wasn’t about skill shortage or the like, but rather the cause of most construction companies’ fall is business management.

Busybusy was established to get business intelligence on the job site so construction owners could start making better decisions.

What they found out is that the most important thing to address first is how much labor is it costing for business owners to do a specific task. Doing this allows construction owners to tie into their estimates so they can get more predictability on how things would work out.

As the popular saying goes:

“The best contractors are good pre-construction businesses because they focus a lot of time, energy, and talent on pre-construction.”

It is in pre-construction where projects are made or lost. And this is where a timekeeping app like busybusy comes in.

Why Use Busybusy

For a lot of people, busybusy is often associated with time tracking. But it gets even better than that.

Busybusy, for one, is recognized as the best for construction timekeeping. It has features like safety sign-offs on your timecard.

It also has daily reports and photo and notes documentation so people can document what they’re doing in a timely manner.

To dive deeper into how busybusy can better serve your construction business, listen to the full episode above or watch it HERE.

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