Episode 306: Wealthy Clients, Reframing Problems and Letting Your Team Create Processes with Michael Algren

What would you do if every day all you’re doing is putting out fires in your business? Have you considered selling your construction business to escape the daily stress at work?

In today’s blog post, we’ll share valuable insights from Leyah’s conversation with Michael Algren, owner of Algren Design & Building and a recent student of our Systematize Your Construction Business (SYCB) program.

A Ripple Effect of Care and Love

Michael believes that building comfortable homes for wealthy clients should come with care and love and not just creating lavish living spaces that grace glossy magazine spreads.

This conviction traces its roots to his own upbringing, where his grandfather took him from a traumatic childhood, delayed his retirement, and nurtured him with care and love. And Michael wants to do the same for his men and every client he works with.

Instead of being the boss barking orders, he wants his team to see him as someone you could easily converse with. When you do small acts like asking your team how they’re doing, it trickles down to how they do their work.

Working with care and love shows up in every detail of a luxury homebuilding project. Moreover, when these wealthy clients live in comfortable and well-put-together houses, it recharges and inspires them, ultimately impacting how they interact with the people under their influence.

So, next time you drive by one of those stunning luxury homes, remember that behind the grandeur lies a story of care and love that reaches far beyond those four walls, touching the lives of countless people.

Value in Stepping Back

Telling his team to show care and love for their work is more challenging than it sounds. It was all blurry for Michael until he signed up for our Systematize Your Construction Business (SYCB) program.

For Michael, the SYCB program is a profound shift in perspective. It’s about communicating effectively and understanding the processes. However, it has to start with caring for your employees, trade partners, and clients and creating the systems around that modality.

During the interview, Michael unveiled a striking example of this transformative approach in action. Recently, when confronted with a persistent tardiness issue within his team, Michael opted for a different approach. 

Instead of taking charge of the meeting, he walked into the room to find his team already engaged in proactive discussions, brainstorming solutions to tackle the problem head-on. 

Rather than enumerating the ways he’d want it solved, Michael entrusted his team with the responsibility of creating their own strategies and processes to address the issue. 

The result? A significant shift in how they do meetings where everybody gets to bring their ideas and thoughts to the table. And SYCB  has been a catalyst for that big change.

Here’s what Michael has to say about it…

“And now what happened is when I go into these meetings with the crew, I’m sort of in the back corner, leaning up against the wall, and kind of a fly on the wall. Yeah, every now and then, they’ll say, “Hey, what do you think?” But for the most part, they’re talking through these things and working on that stuff themselves.”

Final Thoughts

In the construction world, where every project presents its unique set of challenges, it’s essential to have a team that can think on their feet and tackle problems effectively. While it can be tempting to be the savior who swoops in to solve every issue, there’s incredible value in stepping back and letting your team take the lead.

To know more about the systems and processes that Michael has in place after he joined the SYCB program and how it changed his business and personal life, listen to the full conversation HERE.

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