Episode 278: Are You a Visionary? The Top 10 Challenges For a Visionary & Myths They Believe

How do you see yourself? Do you see yourself as a visionary leader? But what does it mean to have visionary leadership? Does being a visionary guarantee success along the way?

In this week’s episode, I’ve invited Monish Khadye, a construction business owner and our very own Systematized Your Construction Business (SYCB) facilitator and coach.

Monish is also a visionary, and today he talks about some of the challenges, misconceptions, and myths that a visionary has to deal with every day. 

Join us as we discover how a visionary’s mind works, some practical tips, and how a visionary should overcome challenges to achieve his visions and create a thriving environment in his organization.

Are You a Visionary Leader?

Being a visionary is a big word. We often associate it with modern creative business innovators like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and the late Steve Jobs. But what does a visionary leader bring to the table?

A lot of what we’re going to talk about today comes from the book Rocket Fuel by Gino Wickman and Mark Winters. According to this book, visionaries are essential to an organization, and they bring several things.

Below are what visionaries bring to the table.

1. Visionaries generate ideas. In many cases, they have several big ideas every week and maybe every day.

2. Visionaries see the big picture. They have a big-picture vision of where they want to go that others may not see coming, like opportunities, challenges, etc.

3. Visionaries have a hunter mentality. They always hunt for ideas, deals, opportunities, and solutions to big problems. Moreover, visionary leaders know how to keep moving in the right direction even without a compass. They rather explore than analyze.

Among other characteristics of a visionary are: 

– entrepreneurial sparkplug

– inspire people to action

– passion provider

– engager and maintainer of significant external relationships

– learner, researcher, and discoverer

– creator and champion of the company’s vision

Visionaries in the Construction Business World

Our podcast guest and SYCB coach, Monish, relates to the above. In a construction business sense, Monish said that as a visionary, he is the company’s spark. 

He knows where he wants to take his business. Sometimes it gets zigzag, but it’s going in a moving direction instead of staying stagnant.

Challenges For a Visionary

You’ve probably confirmed by now whether you’re the visionary or not. And you should know that a visionary in the right role and with the right support is very powerful. However, it doesn’t come easy for a visionary.

Now let’s talk about some of the challenges and examples that a visionary could be dealing with on a daily basis.


With all these great ideas from time to time, visionaries clearly can’t focus on one task all day. If you need somebody to, like, turn the crank on something, and do it every day or every week, it’s not just going to happen for a visionary. We get bored quickly.

Organization Whiplash

Another trait we often see in an organization with visionary leadership is what we call organization whiplash. In this case, the organization is so tuned into the visionary’s ideas that it whips the organization’s trust to a new direction whenever they turn their head to pursue a new idea. But it can’t keep up with the pace of the head turns; the organization eventually loses all sense of where they’re headed.

Reluctance to Let Go

This is usual in most construction business owners. And it comes from their passion for how they want the business to look. Visionaries find it hard to delegate because they are not sure how to communicate exactly to their team how to execute things so that they’d turn out the way they envision it. 

So in most cases, they end up doing it themselves. Which, as we all know, doesn’t quite work in the long run because there’s only so much time in the day.

Do these resonate with you? Tune in to the full episode HERE  to learn more about the other challenges a visionary has and what you can do about them to be a successful construction business entrepreneur.

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Books Mentioned:

Rocket Fuel by Gino Wickman and Mark C. Winters

Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business by Gino Wickman

Good to Great by Jim Collins



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