Episode 263: Time-Tracking Hacks Every Construction Company Should Know

Are you spending your weekends on timesheets and payroll? If that’s how your weekend looks, you have a big problem going on with your business.

And that’s what we’ll solve for you in this week’s episode of The Construction Leading Edge podcast.

We’ve invited James Jessop, Ben Ercanbrack, and Isaac Barlow to talk about how they’ve finally won back their time and increased their revenue using the Busybusy app.

Busybusy is an easy-to-use construction time-tracking app with features like digital employee clock in and out, photo upload for project documentation, equipment visibility, accurate job costing, and much more.

As a project manager twenty years ago, I know how complex projects are, and I’ve learned that business management is way more important than the actual ability to build. And if you don’t strengthen the business management side of things, then you won’t have anything to build.

The numbers are out there to prove that.

One of them shows that 70% of construction companies fail within seven years. And one of the major roadblocks in a construction business is the employee timesheet. Overpayment, unverified timestamps, over breaks, and unclear task documentation – do these sound familiar to you?

So, if you’re in that same boat, make sure to tune in to today’s episode as we unpack the benefits of using Busybusy and how it would impact your company and clients.

Let’s get started!

Key Takeaways:

Introduction (00:00)

What challenges lead James Jessop to sign up for BusyBusy? (03:55)

On overpaying employees and incorrect timesheets (07:52)

Benefits of using BusyBusy (10:48)

Ben Ercanbrack on how challenging collecting time is (26:45)

On Busybusy’s accurate job costing feature (30:20)

Isaac Marlow on measuring results and better performance (33:23)

What does winning look like? (37:28)

What’s the norm in a construction business? (39:53)

How did BusyBusy get started? (44:14)

What problems does BusyBusy solve for contractors? (48:12)

The future of BusyBusy (56:59)

Episode wrap-up (1:05:08)

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