EPISODE 280: The Habits of Success: 3 Things You Need to Do Daily to Set You up for Success

Success isn’t determined by your age, gender, location, or any of those similar factors; it is the formation of habits that will.

In this week’s episode, I’ve invited Leyah Valgardson, Director of Customer Success here at Construction Leading Edge, to unpack the three core habits of success that successful construction business owners do.

Leyah and I also talk about what really is success and happiness, how to build those habits of success as a construction business owner, creating accountability with like-minded people, and more.

Let’s dive in!

Success and Happiness Defined

We all want that satisfaction that comes with success. But what really is success? What is success for construction business owners?

According to the dictionary, success is defined as a degree or measure of succeeding, the favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors, and the accomplishment of one’s goals.

But success is still very subjective, even with its clear definition. That said, every one of us gets to decide what success is, and it really is up to you.

To help you determine what success is for you, you can consider these questions below.

– What is it that makes you happiest?

– What satisfies your core needs?

– What do you value?

– What types of accomplishments feel the most worthwhile to you?

– Does your idea of success have multiple parts?

Moreover, success has a lot of different meanings depending on what area of life we’re talking about.

You could aim for…

– emotional success (feeling good)

– social success (feeling connected)

– occupational success (feeling fulfilled by your work)

– financial success (being able to afford things that you need and want)

– community success (the well-being of your family, friends, and the larger community)

So those are just a few things to consider when you think about success.

And it’s also interesting to add that these types of success all boil down to people wanting to be happy. 

3 Key Habits of Success

Here at Construction Leading Edge, we’ve helped countless construction business owners succeed in their businesses and life.

And what makes the difference for them is building the habits of success. Below are the top 3 habits of success that our clients (and most successful people on earth) swear by.

1. Follow an effective morning routine

I know you’ve heard the adage that how you spend the first few hours of your day will set the tone for the rest of your day.

Successful people know this very well.

If you badly want to be successful, The 5 AM Club book suggests that you focus on one high-value activity without your brain getting distracted.

Doing this first thing sets you up for success, to be more productive and focused for the day. 

It also recommends a 20/20/20 formula which means that in the first few minutes of your day, you do 20 minutes to move, 20 minutes to reflect, and 20 minutes to grow.

This formula might have worked for some people, but it doesn’t mean it’ll work for you. You still have to decide what is most effective for you because every one of us is very different.

2. Focus on Mindset

As Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.”

The power of our thoughts is incredibly powerful. 

We create our reality based on our thoughts. And whether you think you can or can’t, you’re right. You decide what thoughts to feed your mind.

And it all comes down to taking the time to pay attention to your thoughts and being a master over those thoughts.

Why am I frustrated right now? Why am I anxious right now? Why am I thinking this way?

Remember, we’re the only ones that control our thoughts. So even if negativity might be more natural for you, when you train your mind to be a master over those thoughts and overcome them, you’ve just built a strong foundation for success.

3. Prepare, Plan, and Execute

We all know how crucial these three are to achieving success. However, for construction business owners, it’s all tied up with having a vision.

If you have a goal, you have to have a vision. You must know where you’re going, or you’ll never get there.

These questions will help you as a construction business owner as you try to achieve that vision with your entire team on board with it.

How are you going to get there? 

What do you need to be doing in the next five years? 

What about in two years or the next year?

How about every month or every day?

Listen to the full episode HERE as Leyah and I get in-depth about the habits of success and how you can stick to those habits to succeed in life and business.

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Books Mentioned:

The 5 AM Club by Robin S. Sharma

The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg

The Obstacle Is the Way by Ryan Holiday

The 10x Rule by Grant Cardone

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