Episode 291: The Burnout Cycle & Letting Go of Control with Josh Fravel

Do you feel like you’re in this endless burnout cycle?

Our guest for today indeed felt that way. He was getting used to taking a mini break and then coming back into the same rut repeatedly. 

But he has finally decided to get away with it. How was he able to break that cycle even after sixteen years? Well, you’re about to find out.

In this week’s episode, Systematize Your Construction Business (SYCB) coach Monish Khadye sits down with Josh Fravel of Fravel Home Improvements.

Today, Josh talks about how he transitioned from wearing many hats to finally delegating tasks to his team and letting go of control.

Read along to learn more.

The Burnout Battle

Being a construction business owner comes with its fair share of challenges. From managing projects to dealing with clients, there’s always something demanding your attention.

It’s no wonder many owners wear many hats and become control freaks.

While it may seem like the best way to maintain control and ensure success, the truth is that this approach often leads to a never-ending burnout cycle.

I get it. As construction business owners, we want to oversee every aspect of our business. After all, it’s our brainchild, and we know it inside out. However, this level of control often leads to a burnout cycle that is hard to break free from.

Take Josh Fravel, our podcast guest for today.

It took him sixteen (16, yes, you read that right) long years to finally get away from the burnout trap.

He recalled how he took a few days of mini-break only to come back into the same vicious cycle of putting in 80 hours of work every week.

And you probably know what happens next when you get into that same rut.

But all of this changed when he decided to join our Systematize Your Construction Business program, where he learned the power of letting go of control and delegation. 

The Power of Accountability and Delegation

Imagine a detailed blueprint guiding your construction project. Now, imagine an accountability chart doing the same thing for your team.

These charts visually map your organization’s roles, responsibilities, and reporting structures. 

With clear lines of accountability from day one, you eliminate chaos and empower your team members to take charge of their tasks and contribute to the company’s success.

Gone are the days when you’d just tell your new hires to follow or assist someone from the team so they’d learn the ropes. 

Once you have your accountability chart in place, it’s time to embrace the magic of delegation. This is where you hand off tasks and decision-making to capable team members.

By sharing the load, you can escape the endless burnout cycle and focus your energy on high-level strategizing, problem-solving, and decision-making while empowering others to shine in their assigned roles.

To know more about how Josh escaped the burnout cycle and the other positive ripple effects he experienced after joining the Systematize Your Construction Business program, make sure to listen in or watch the episode HERE.

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