Episode 275: Stewardship, Creating Terminal Value & Increasing Profit 60% with Michael Moore

We all know how systems and processes could make or break your construction business. But what’s holding you back from taking those dramatic changes that could increase your business profitability?

In this week’s episode, I’ve invited Michael Moore, owner and President of Waterton Construction Group. Waterton Construction is a hardscape site work improvement company based in north Texas. 

Michael is here to share with us the systems and processes he used to increase his company’s revenue by 30% and profitability by 60% year over year.

Let’s get to know Michael and how he grew his construction company to eight figures working only twenty hours a week.

Let’s get this started!

Negative vs. Positive Pressure

Michael still vividly remembers the day he got fired from his VP of Construction post. After putting so much effort into that company for five and a half years, he was let go due to a change in ownership.

With that untimely job loss, Michael finally decided to work for himself and build his own construction company. Hence, the birth of Waterton Construction Group in 2013.

Little did he know that his new path was much more challenging than he thought.

With all the stress, which he calls negative pressure, that comes from running a construction business – pressure to hit the numbers, keep the doors open, and pay his employees and subs – Michael decided to be intentional with how he uses his energy. 

Instead of letting the negative pressure take over his days, he’s performing at a high level by creating positive pressure on himself.

Creating positive pressure means Michael works on a high level for two or three days, so he doesn’t have to stretch them into five work days of mediocre work. He calls it positive because he knows that positive things will come along the way if he does what he needs to do.

From working over 60 hours a week, Michael now works around 20 hours a week and enjoys the days when he’s at work as much as being on vacation with his family.

Stewardship in Business Explained

One of Michael’s guiding principles in running a construction business is treating it as stewardship.

He believes that his construction business is not his business to possess and manage – it’s really God’s business. 

When that clicked in his brain that he was just a steward, he realized that he didn’t have to produce something for His kingdom or his family and employees. Then it took a significant weight off his shoulders. 

And all he has to do as a steward is to go out day in and day out and work as hard as he can – not to produce something, but to nurture what the Lord God has entrusted to him.

For him, to be a steward is to take advantage of every day that he has the opportunity to do something that most people on this planet don’t have the chance to do. Believing in something higher than himself allows him to stay focused, work harder, and improve.

How Michael Grew His Construction Business

When Michael started his construction business, he knew he didn’t want to return to working for someone else. He badly wanted to make it happen, especially when he has a family that depends on him. 

It was in 2017-2019 when the going got tough, he had to make drastic changes in his business to move the needle. 

Here are some tidbits that helped Michael grow his construction business to where it is now.

1. Hiring a business coach. Being willing to be coached and intentional about it allowed Michael to grow as a construction business leader. By hiring me as his coach, Michael learned to implement the necessary systems and processes in his business.

2. Following the 80/20 rule. One of the biggest things Michael learned through our business coaching is the 80/20 rule, which is finding the thing that’s causing you the most pain, fixing it, and tackling the remaining 20% of the problems one by one.

3. Hiring top-quality talents. Michael struggled to hire top-quality people due to imposter syndrome – that nobody’s going to work at his company or his company is way too small to attract A-players. But when he shifted his mindset, he brought in new employees who brought a lot to the table.

4. Being in a CEO group of other construction business owners. As for Michael, one of the best things about joining my business mentorship is he also gets to be in a CEO group of other construction business owners. He gets to build meaningful relationships with like-minded business owners who understand what he’s going through.

5. Mindset shift. Don’t look at how big the problems you are facing, but rather look at how you can be better. Michael shifted from focusing on the problem to asking questions like, “How can I be better at solving this problem?”.

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