Episode 274: Scaling to $200 Million: How Torrey Hawkins Did It

What makes a construction business successful? Is it cementing a failproof system OR finding the right people that get things done? 

Torrey Hawkins, President of Angler Construction, LLC, drops some value bombs on how he managed to scale his construction business to $200 million in revenue per year.

If you’re a visionary looking to scale your construction business while getting out of the day-to-day details, you’ll get a lot of practical advice from this episode.

The Numbers Behind a Successful Construction Business

Torrey was on the podcast in 2015. And after eight years since then, he’s back to share with us where his business is right now and what propelled it to success.

Since starting his business in early 2010, Torrey and his team at Angler Construction have been crushing the commercial GC market.

With 55 employees under his leadership, Torrey managed to scale his business to $200M annually. And now, in 2023, he’s looking at a target revenue of around $200-$250M.

They’ve also started their Angler site work division, which does dirt work, utility installation, sanitary, and fire alarms. 

Adding site work services has given them a huge competitive advantage when chasing big commercial projects. And they’re looking at expanding their services more to cater to their customer’s needs and be a one-stop-shop.

How to Scale a Construction Business

In the construction industry, things are more likely a “let’s-see-how-things-go”. But it was through Torrey and his construction team’s experience that they could see what else they could offer their customers.

So they started their site work division in 2019 in hopes of expanding the business, and then COVID hit.

Work stops, projects put on hold – you probably know what it looked like. It was a pretty challenging time through 2020 and early into 2021.

But that deepened Torrey’s faith as a construction leader and brought out the best in him and his team.

If it weren’t for finding the right people and putting up systems and processes, they wouldn’t be able to stay afloat during the pandemic.

Moreover, technology, Procore in particular, helped them a ton in organizing and delegating the task list for each employee. 

With Procore, his team can execute their tasks right away rather than dabbling around.

Sharing the Vision

Behind these impressive numbers and smooth processes, though, is a leader with a vision of where the company is going.

As Torrey said, being a visionary helped steer them to the type of projects they wanted to pursue, where they could also build a good client relationship.

But how did Torrey share his vision for the company and get the team on board with it?

Well, it all started with doing a lot better in internal communication. From weekly ops meetings to company-wide staff meetings, Torrey and his team share the results, what construction projects they landed on, and just get everybody involved in the whole project.

Construction management is challenging. Period. But if you have the right formula – top-quality talent and systems – it wouldn’t be impossible to scale your business to 9 or even 10 figures.

If you want to know in detail how Torrey was able to scale his construction business to $200M, make sure to tune in to the full episode HERE

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