How a solid support system helped Phil do more meaningful work

Phil Coe

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Groundhog day

Consistency can be a good thing. But when your team repeats the same mistakes day after day, it can get exhausting—and ultimately become a source of anxiety. Phil understood this firsthand. Going into the second half of his fifties, he realized the next decade would really count. Phil decided something needed to change.

“The main problem was that I seemed to be doing the same thing again and again.”

Getting off the desert island.

Like many other construction business owners, Phil didn’t have a like-minded community to support him. He was stuck trying to figure things out on his own. When Phil started working with Construction Leading Edge, everything changed. Suddenly, he was in a group of guys who were thinking the same things and facing similar challenges.

“All of a sudden I’m not in this alone.”

“It also gives me the opportunity to take some time for myself, knowing that if I take my eye off the ball, everything’s not going to fall apart.”

The power of

By partnering with Construction Leading Edge and connecting with other business owners, Phil experienced a new level of accountability. This support network allowed him to make changes he never imagined possible. With the new systems and processes, he could take a step back from the day-to-day details. Phil has a new level of optimism and a fresh perspective on what the future holds.

Doing work that matters

Phil has always been passionate about the work he does. But with the increased organization in his business, his anxiety has decreased, and he has been able to enjoy himself more. He loves the rewarding feeling of a job well done.

“Ultimately, we’re all in the business for the same reason, and that is to add value to people’s lives and to make a difference and do what we love doing…This is meaningful work. If you do it right, it’s amazing.”

Group Coaching

Systematize Your Construction Business

Join like-minded construction business owners as we implement proven strategies to get out of the day-to-day details and grow your freedom. We only work with a small group of clients at a time.