How Neil is Refining His Systems and Boosting Scalability

Neil McGlothlin

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Growth Needs Systems


Neil wanted to grow his company, but everything was in his head. After growing by default for a while, it quickly became apparent that if he wanted a scalable business, he would need some help getting systems in place.

“I bounced around different podcasts but really liked Todd’s approach to building systems. From there, he opened my eyes to some stuff I didn’t realize that I needed at the time, like charging for estimates.”

Is Ignorance Bliss?

When he didn’t know he needed systems, Neil didn’t miss them. But once he started to get a taste for what other people had managed to achieve, Neil wanted more. As he implemented new changes, such as charging for estimates, his progress accelerated rapidly.

“Once you realize that it works, you just start following through on more and more.”

“We basically nailed preconstruction down to how we want to do it in the company.”

Engaging the Team

Heading into the program, Neil didn’t realize how much team involvement would improve. But once the team understood the new process, they quickly became excited and engaged. Everything started coming together.

Knowledge Is Key

Neil’s team has successfully completed the preconstruction phase for the next few projects with the new systems in place. Before, he never knew whether employees were working out. Now, they have straightforward daily and weekly expectations. Clarifying expectations has set everyone up for more success.

“I guess I didn’t realize how much I needed this until I came across it and started implementing it and continue to implement it. And so it’s been enjoyable.”

Group Coaching

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