How John reduced chaos and stress in his homebuilding operation

John Wojtas

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The volume of chaos.

It all lived in John’s head. All the day-to-day operational details. John’s inbox was overflowing and his phone was constantly ringing. It seemed like no matter what phase of the project he was in, roadblocks and miscommunication problems landed in his lap.

His team delivered a beautiful product to their clients. But the process of getting there was messy.

“It felt like a lot of noise that was never shutting off.”

Too many cooks in the kitchen.

John’s team members were capable and had the right intentions, but their responsibilities were not clearly defined. After starting with Construction Leading Edge, John and his team began to outline a clear framework for accountability. They worked through roles and structure and learned how to successfully hand a project off to different teams.

“By going through the entire process that we went through, we were able to lay out what the end product truly looks like.”

“The noise and the chatter and the frustration level of the team members has been greatly reduced because they know they have the authority to be able to move forward in the best interest of the final product.”

everyone’s experience.

John knew the systems were working when his phone stopped ringing off the hook. Everyone started to know what they were supposed to handle. In the mornings, he would get a communications summary from CoConstruct and find his team had successfully resolved problems on their own.

Seeing the business as a whole

With less time putting out fires, John was able to take on the integrator role and look at the business as a whole. He could focus his time and energy on how to create a better experience for all of their clients.

“It’s been really good to allow me to look to be much more forward-looking as opposed to just be stuck in the next four to six hours.”

Group Coaching

Systematize Your Construction Business

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