From Process To Profit

James Stevens

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High Volume. Low Profit.


James’ electrical subcontracting company had plenty of work booked. But there was a problem: he wasn’t seeing the profit. With rapid growth came mismanaged jobs and unhappy team members.

“That was probably the most frustrating part: having the work and being busy — and still having financial problems.”

The Power of Process

The whole team was going through similar chaos and frustration. So when James started group SYCB exercises, everyone got excited about new possibilities and jumped on board.

“What the process did was putting the responsibility in all of their hands versus me taking on everything.”

“Our processes helped out tremendously with being able to deal with things that pop up that we didn’t have plans in place for.”

Resilience in Action

Soon after, James encountered a major challenge. Several of his guys quit — at a time when he needed to grow his team. But with the new processes in place, the stress didn’t snowball. No one else quit, and the company maintained profit margins.

More Time. Less Stress.

With his schedule freed up, James likes to spend that time on other business areas — like growing profit. When he does take time off, he knows things will be fine. If issues arise, they won’t be detrimental to his business.

“I can sleep at night. I’m not nearly as stressed as I was.”

Group Coaching

Systematize Your Construction Business

Join like-minded construction business owners as we implement proven strategies to get out of the day-to-day details and grow your freedom. We only work with a small group of clients at a time.