Building Processes That (Actually) Work

David Hopkins

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Taking the Hit


David had grown the business…to nearly a breaking point. While he had a general structure in place, the execution wasn’t working. Costs were getting missed, and it impacted the bottom line.

“It weighed on me constantly.”

From Theory to Reality

Partway through SYCB, it became clear that team members needed to swap their know-how. Everyone got the chance to share their thoughts on the process. The team created a process that works in the real world by mapping out what it took to get from point A to point B.

“It’s not often that you get all that feedback. And that was impactful in analyzing what we needed to do.”

“It opens up all this other availability. In kind of a weird way, you end up having more free time.”

Unlocking Focus

David learned that when he stopped multitasking, he opened up more space in his days. He allocated more time to focus on the business and encouraged his team members to do the same. They began to make progress on big-picture goals.

No More Wake Ups

With less chaos, David sleeps better at night. The team has new systems and the tools to build on them. Instead of stress, there’s a sense of excitement and possibility for the future.

“We’ve seen huge improvements. I’m very confident we’re headed in the right direction.”

Group Coaching

Systematize Your Construction Business

Join like-minded construction business owners as we implement proven strategies to get out of the day-to-day details and grow your freedom. We only work with a small group of clients at a time.