How Cameron Developed Stronger Leaders

Cameron McNutt

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Derailed by 8


Cameron’s workday used to be chaotic. He’d spend his time putting out fires, answering questions, and often taking urgent calls from his teams. Cameron would plan his day early in the morning. But by 8 am, he was solving his team’s problems instead.

“The frustration was sometimes overwhelming, and some days I felt I didn’t want to do it anymore.”

A Problem with Accountability

On a higher level, Cameron wants people to feel they know what they are doing and are on a good career path. But often, his team members didn’t know their responsibilities. He ended up filling in the gaps.

“I worked long hours and wasn’t able to be present with my family as much as I wanted to. There was a lot of weight on my shoulders”.

“It gives the guys a chance to give their side of their job and feel like they’re part of the solution instead of just a pawn on the board.”

Taming the Fires

Two things in the SYCB program stood out for Cameron. The Accountability Chart provided a pathway to assign responsibilities and set a clear career path. Then the Nail the Handoff process enabled his people to solve their problems in a way they hadn’t been able to before.

A Bright Future

Now, Cameron and his team have clear roadmaps, and much of the anxiety and stress is gone. Cameron especially valued the leadership portion of the program, as it allowed him to help his site supers develop their leadership skills and push themselves beyond their comfort zones.

“I’m excited for where I’ll be in two, three years from now.”

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