Stopping Profit Bleeds With a Cohesive Process

Ashley Fleschner

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Leaking Profit


Ashley’s projects were riddled with inefficiencies that prevented them from being as profitable as they could be. The team was dropping the ball in too many places, like schedule overruns, incorrect orders, and unclear communication. Financial targets became increasingly difficult to meet.

“We were experiencing a lot of lost potential.”

Disconnected Handoffs

Ashley worked hard to build relationships with customers and suppliers, only for them to fall apart when they got to the implementation stage. What made sense in the office didn’t necessarily make sense to the people in the field—and there wasn’t as much team buy-in as he thought.

“In the office, our plans made all the sense in the world. But when we got into the field, there was confusion.”

“The team knows the meetings are going to come up, and they’re starting to look ahead. We’re also starting to look at the whole flow of revenue into the company and associating it with our targets. It’s really a giant web of awesomeness”

A Giant Web of Awesomeness

Straight away, Ashley realized blocking time to work on his business and not in it was going to be a game changer. Then, getting the team involved in nailing the handoff was huge as well. All the pieces of the program worked together to create a smoother process and give the team a stake in the game.

Hitting the Ground Running

Key team members are now more engaged and collaborative, from sales to carpenters to production managers. People understand that they are accountable and responsible for their part of the system. The company is on track to make more money.

“Getting the team all on the same page allows them to do their jobs and think of creative ways of doing things. And it helps me get out of feeling like I’m the linchpin for everything to happen. That is just a huge relief.”

Group Coaching

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