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Check out these real-world success stories. These construction business owners implemented strategies to go from drained and overwhelmed to energized and in control.

How John reduced chaos and stress in his homebuilding operation

John Wojtas

“It’s been really good to be much more forward-looking as opposed to just being stuck in the next four to six hours.”

John also:


Designed their “Nail the Handoff” process


Created his team's Accountability Chart


Extracted himself from the day-to-day to focus on the big picture

How Monish and Michelle grew their business to create the lifestyle they wanted

Monish & Michelle Khadye

“To be honest, I regret not doing this exercise earlier.”

Monish and Michelle also:


Onboarded their first hire


Learned to delegate effectively


Found a way to reach their goals—without working overtime


Gained freedom to focus on their growing family

Jeff took a leap of faith and stopped losing money on custom home builds

Jeff Bowers

“Sometimes you’ve gotta stop the talking and stop the reading, and maybe it’s time for action.”

Jeff also:


Improved the accuracy of project specs


Fine-tuned the project handoff process


Streamlined business practices

How a solid support system helped Phil do more meaningful work

Phil Coe

“If I didn’t have this accountability, I wouldn’t be anywhere near this far along.”

Phil also:


Built friendships with like-minded business owners


Improved the experience for his trade partners


Took more time for himself—without things falling apart

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