Episode 307: Reexamine Your Job as CEO

70% of construction businesses fail in the first five years. Alarmingly, the construction industry also has the second highest rate of suicide of all workplace industries. 

What if some of the most painful issues construction business owners deal with can be traced back to a wrong belief?

In this blog post, I’ll unveil the biggest lie construction owners and CEOs are made to believe, the problems it brings, and what you can do as the CEO of your company to sustain your business.

The Biggest Lie

Let me tell you a quick story about Tanner, a young man who played on the Little League Baseball team with my son and whom I coached several years ago.

Tanner wasn’t the most athletic young man you’ll see, but he desperately wanted to be a catcher. 

After asking me numerous times if he could play as a catcher, his mom approached me one day and told me Tanner wanted to be a catcher. In fact, she already bought him catcher’s equipment–mitts, shin guards, face mask, and so on. It was his mom’s way of telling me that she already spent a lot of money on Tanner’s equipment, so she’d love to see him use those.

So, finally, after halfway through the season, I took Tanner to a batting practice to give him a shot at being a catcher. He caught a bit during the practice, and then I told him he’ll be the starting catcher in the next game.

But during the game’s break time, Tanner shook his head, looking stressed out, and declared he didn’t want to go back out there.

You see, Tanner thought it was all about “How do I achieve it?”. And that’s one of the biggest lies construction business owners and CEOs were made to believe. 

Because the more focused you are on “achieving it,” you’ll take shortcuts and unnecessary risks, frequently resulting in stress, burnout, and mental and physical health issues, just to name a few.

Ask This Question

So, rather than asking yourself, “How do I get it?”

How do I get a raise?

How do I get my first paycheck as a business owner?

How do I get this multi-million dollar contract signed?

How do I get to scale my business to 7-8 figures?

Ask yourself, “How do I prepare myself to sustain it?”

Whether you want to start a construction business or are looking to scale one, the preparation matters. Here are just a few of the questions that you should be asking yourself instead.

How do I upgrade my mindset as a leader?

What are the things in my blind spot?

How do I prepare myself to lead a team?

How do I prepare myself to execute a project?

What are the foundational systems that I need to put in place?

How do I grow and lead a team of people long term?

Here’s my challenge to you. Listen to the full episode HERE for an in-depth discussion of this topic and discover the resources on how you can answer the above questions.

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