Episode 268: Jett Set Farmhouse’s Noell and Daniel Jett On Adversity, Perseverance, and Success

When you grow up fighting battle after battle, it’s easier to throw in the towel and accept things the way they are. 

But that wasn’t the case for our guests today.

Joining us in this week’s episode of The Construction Leading Edge are Daniel and Noell Jett – DIY home builders and creators behind the widely followed Jett Set Farmhouse and book authors of Create Your Dream Home on a Budget.

And they’re here to share with us the secret recipe that made them who they are today and how it is to work on your dream house on a tight budget.

Let’s get started!

Growing Up Poor

Noell didn’t have a carefree childhood like most kids have these days. She was raised in a tiny town and rural poor part of Missouri.

But that wasn’t just it.

Her family was very wrapped up in an extremist religious church that prohibited them from having any outside contact.

Moreover, that very same church also taught them how certain things were evil, like acquiring wealth. They were made to believe that the poorer you are, the more holy you become.

Unable to see how their church teachings made sense, Noell got out of the place at sixteen and went on to support herself.

Perseverance Leads to Success

We were all taught at a young age that success is achievable through hard work. However, it isn’t applicable most of the time.

Noell saw how hard-working her dad was, but despite that, they were just stuck in poverty.

It shows that hard work alone doesn’t always equate to success.

So, what it takes to be successful?

This question is quite subjective as there are many factors to account for.

But our guests, Daniel and Noell, believed that perseverance toward making your goals happen while pouring in your knowledge in places where opportunities arise are huge denominators of success.

Dream House on a Budget

Looking back on their younger years, Daniel and Noell would both agree that they have come so far. 

They were able to do things far beyond that what they’d imagined.

But the highlight is how they built their dream house on a limited budget. 

With the opportunities pouring in due to their wide social media following, Daniel and Noell were able to build their house mostly from brand sponsorships or collaborations.

Not only were they able to save up money while working on their dream house, but they were also able to educate and inspire their millions of followers on how to take on a DIY house project. 

But like most husband-wife business partnerships, theirs wasn’t easy, too. However, they have a few takeaways they’d gladly share with us here on the podcast.

Here are what they have to say:

1. Give clear jobs to one and the other. Knowing your partner’s strengths and weaknesses allow you to give clear job assignments and play to your strengths.

2. Trust your partner. You need to trust that they know what they’re doing 100%, and vice versa. Because, at the end of the day, you both have the same goal and are on the same team. 

3. When things get heated, calm down. There’s no point in arguing with your partner when you don’t have a clear mind. And most of the time, things go crazy because one or both of you are exhausted or too stressed out.

Do you want to learn more about how Daniel and Noell built a successful life and business as a DIY homebuilders couple? Make sure to listen or watch the full episode HERE.

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