Episode 292: How to Use Femininity to Nail the Handoff Process in a Male-Dominated Industry w/ Amy Rans

What is it like to be a woman in construction?

In this empowering episode, our Director of Customer Success, Leyah Valgardson, sits down with Sunkota Construction’s Marketing and Business Development officer and co-business owner, Amy Rans.

Today, Leyah and Amy delve into the fascinating role of women in the construction world and the truth about what it’s really like to be a woman thriving in a traditionally male-dominated field.

Amy also shares how she rebranded Sunkota Construction using her marketing expertise, tips for creating a great customer experience as a commercial contractor, and how our Systematize Your Construction Business (SYCB) program simplifies their handoff process.

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Women in Construction: What It’s Like?

In a world where women are challenging stereotypes and smashing glass ceilings, the construction industry is no exception.

It’s an industry where strong and determined women defy expectations and make their mark. 

But being a woman in construction isn’t just about picking up tools and getting dirty—it’s about breaking barriers and showing that skill knows no gender.

And that’s what our guest for today has done for years.

Amy Rans started in marketing and design. But about ten years ago, she and her husband, Chris, who was already with Sunkota Construction, moved across the state.

Just like it was fated to happen, she landed a marketing job at an HVAC company where she also learned a lot of technical stuff while ensuring HVAC is understandable even to the average Joe.

Female Construction Business Owner

After working for nine years at the HVAC company, Amy decided to finally put all her cards on deck and joined Chris after they bought Sunkota Construction. 

Every day is always a learning experience for Amy, but she has already done remarkable things for their construction company, even if she’s not doing any heavy lifting.

Here are just a few of those remarkable things that make Amy an exceptional woman in construction.

1. Implementing a seamless offboarding process

Ah, the thrill of landing a new client in the construction industry! It’s an exciting moment when contracts are signed, visions are shared, and projects are set in motion. 

But in the midst of all the frenzy, construction business owners often overlook this one crucial aspect of the customer experience journey: offboarding the client.

Yes, you read that right. Just as the grand entrance of a client is important, offboarding them after the keys are turned in is equally important.

Amy saw an opportunity in this process not only to WOW their clients by giving away personalized farewell packets but also to ask for testimonials and referrals.

As we all know, the construction industry thrives on long-term partnerships, and satisfied, happy past clients can be the catalyst for your business’s future growth.

2. Making “pretty” templates and checklists

Let’s debunk a myth, shall we? Just because women work in construction doesn’t mean they can’t embrace their femininity.

As for Amy, making things “pretty” has played a big part in why things in the office—from templates to checklists and documents—got to be more graphic-looking rather than boring sterile text on a page.

What are the possible ripple effects of making things cohesive and on brand?

It’s visually appealing (and no, we’re not talking about flowers and rainbows on paper here). It’s something that would make your customers and your team actually want to read and engage with.

Everything was clearly outlined without being threatening, boring, or too legal, from company values to accountability charts to client expectations.

So who says you can’t make things look good while building greatness in the construction world?

To know more on how Amy pivoted a stagnant construction business to what it is now and the challenges and triumphs she has encountered as a woman in construction, make sure to listen in or watch the full episode HERE.

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