Episode 304: How to Get Anyone to Do Anything with Instant Influence Principles

Are you struggling to motivate your team to be more productive or get them to use that new software subscription?

In this week’s podcast episode, I sit down with two of our very own, Leyah Hostetter and Monish Khadye, to talk about the principles behind one of the most influential books I’ve ever read–Instant Influence by Dr. Michael Pantalon.

Let’s dive in!

The Instant Influence Principles

The construction industry is known for its complexities, with projects involving multiple stakeholders, tight timelines, and intricate challenges.

Effective communication and influence are vital to success in such a dynamic workplace. But getting people to do anything fast is a challenging feat.

Enter Dr. Michael Pantalon’s book Instant Influence: How to Get Anyone to Do Anything Fast.

This book shows how you can achieve Instant Influence in six simple steps. Using scientifically-tested methods, Instant Influence helps people tap into their deep personal reasons for wanting to change.

So, there are three guiding principles that serve as the backbone of this powerful book.

1. No one has to do anything. The choice is always yours.

This first principle is the ultimate answer to one of the reasons why people won’t change–psychological reactance. 

As humans, we don’t like having the options taken away from us. We lose that freedom or autonomy when our choices are taken away. The more you tell someone what to do, the more reluctant they are to do it because you’re taking away their freedom to choose.

Take, for example, safety and risk management in construction. Emphasizing that workers can choose to follow safety protocols and procedures can lead to a safer work environment. 

When individuals understand that they are making a conscious choice to prioritize safety so they can come home to their family in one piece, they are more likely to follow safety guidelines, reducing the risks of accidents and injuries.

2. Everyone already has enough motivation in them. 

In construction, teams are comprised of individuals from varying backgrounds. Dr. Pantalon’s principle highlights the notion that motivation is already inherently present in all of us. 

We all possess the motivation required to excel at our tasks. The challenge lies in tapping into that existing motivation and channeling it effectively.

A good example of this is how Monish, one of our coaches here at The Construction Leading Edge, does performance reviews of his team. 

Instead of rating his team members’ performance and shoving down their truth about the value of performing well at work, he made them rate themselves and tie their overall life goals with better work performance.

Whether they want to buy a house or climb the ladder, this approach motivates his team to perform better and more effectively at work to achieve their goals.

3. Focusing on any bit of motivation works much better than asking about resistance.

Traditional approaches to motivation often involve addressing the resistance head-on. Dr. Pantalon’s 3rd principle suggests a more effective strategy: focusing on that bit of motivation.

Instead of putting up walls and addressing the barriers and objections, he suggests identifying and amplifying even the slightest positive inclinations toward a goal.

How can you apply this principle?

Create an environment where team members feel comfortable sharing their ideas and concerns. When an individual expresses a tiny bit of enthusiasm for a specific aspect of a project, acknowledge it and explore how it can be incorporated into the overall team goals or plans. In this way, it fosters a sense of ownership and engagement among your team members.

To learn more about getting anyone to do anything fast using the Instant Influence Principles, listen or watch the full episode HERE.

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