Episode 297: Foundations for Scaling a Business to $50M with Shawn Dominguez

What is it like scaling a business?

As a former Navy pilot with winning embedded already in him, Shawn Dominguez already had that fire to build a successful construction business.

In 2022, Dominguez Design-Build Inc. was the fastest-growing company in Pensacola, number 4 in Florida, and number 11 in the U.S. This was just years after they went full-time in 2018.

But Shawn knew that if he wanted to scale his business from $20M to $50M in revenue, he had to get the right pieces in place. And that’s what motivated him to join our Systematize Your Construction Business or SYCB program.

In today’s episode, our very own Leyah Hostetter sits down with Shawn to talk about some of the foundations for scaling a business.

He talks about how simple tasks can sometimes get in the way, the connection between standard processes and cash flow, what winning looks like, and the effects he and his team are experiencing after going through the SYCB program.

Challenges with Scaling a Business

Building a construction business from the ground up is no easy feat. It takes grit, determination, and an unwavering commitment. 

But what happens when your construction business starts to take off?

Scaling a business brings its own set of challenges that can leave even the most seasoned entrepreneurs scratching their heads, looking for answers.

And one of the biggest problems that Shawn could pinpoint is execution.

As the business expands, the workload also increases. But with more projects and clients on their plates, it’s easy to miss out on some things. It seemed to Shawn that simple day-to-day tasks were falling through the cracks because they didn’t have processes in place. 

And when you have multiple construction job sites going on simultaneously, it’s hard for Shawn to monitor all of them at once, let alone wear his CEO thinking hat.

The SYCB Program

As a construction business owner juggling multiple projects with tight deadlines and a diverse team, it’s easy to get overwhelmed

Shawn realized that he was putting out fires every day instead of carving out time to think strategically for his business. 

And that’s where a mentorship program like the Systematize Your Construction Business (SYCB) can come in and save the day.

By joining the SYCB program, Shawn was able to “codify” his processes by nailing the handoff and creating an accountability chart.

As he mentioned during this podcast episode,

“It’s going much smoother. We’ve got our major execution checklists. So now I’m seeing things on the calendar pop up from my PMS that say “concrete pour” or this stuff. So they’re inviting me to these meetings we’re having, so we can get the superintendents and talk about everything we need to. 

I’m working on strategic stuff now. I’m traveling a good bit, working on building relationships with clients. So it’s good to know in the background that they’re doing that, and it just makes me feel much more comfortable. So I can focus now more strategically.”

After going over the SYCB program, he learned systems and processes that allow him to free up his time and focus more on strategically working ON the business rather than working IN the business.

To learn how our Systematize Your Construction Business (SYCB) program is helping Shawn scale up his construction business to $50M in revenue, listen in or watch the full episode HERE.

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