Episode 269: First Principles, Taking Ego Out of Ideas and Solving Big Problems with Paolo Tiramani

The skyrocketing housing cost isn’t just a problem in the U.S. but also globally. 😟

Luckily, a company has cracked the code and is bold enough to solve this big problem.

So join me in this week’s episode of The Construction Leading Edge podcast along with Boxabl CEO and Founder Paolo Tiramani.

He’s here to sit down and talk with me on how Boxabl solves housing problems and their process in taking on this ambitious project.

Let’s get started!

Boxabl and the Future of Housing

With the popularity of modular homes and the rise of tiny house living, creating a livable and foldable house seems like the next big thing.

But it wasn’t as easy as most of us would think.

The thought of mass manufacturing quality foldable walls and parts and delivering and unpacking a 20-foot-wide room sounds like next to impossible.

Fortunately, Boxabl had it all figured out after years and years of trial and error.

Boxabl is a housing construction technology based in Las Vegas. It provides pre-fabricated homes that fold and form into self-contained transportable units. 

And Boxabl isn’t just an innovative dwelling. Its homes, or Casita, are also priced at affordable costs – many of which considered it the solution for the skyrocketing housing costs and homelessness worldwide.

First Principles Explained

So, how did Boxabl come up with an excellent solution for such a big problem?

Boxabl CEO & Founder Paolo Tiramani credits his company’s success to first principles.

What is a first principle?

The first principle is when something cannot be deconstructed any further. 

To explain, in relation to construction problems, it’s when we start looking at the problem at a large scale until we go down to the granular level of the root cause of a problem.

This same principle applies not just to construction issues but also to manufacturing, people, or process problems.

Sharing a Big Vision

A lot of business owners and CEOs struggle to get their teams on board with the vision they have for the company.

And for someone like Paolo Tiramani, who obviously has a big vision for Boxabl, it probably was a lot harder. But how did he do it?

Well, Paolo starts by answering that he has a pretty smart team which does take less convincing. 

These people know what they’re into and live and breathe that mission daily.

Perhaps, transparency makes it easier for Paolo to share that big vision with his team. Be it in an open communication form or rewarding his staff with the opportunity to earn stock options.

If you want to know more details about this interview and what it takes to build a revolutionizing company like Boxabl, make sure to watch or listen here.

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