Episode 343:  Why Neglecting Pre-Construction is the Biggest Mistake You Can Make with Mikhail Gannage


What’s the most important part of a construction project? Is it pre-construction or the building phase?

If you answered the building phase, it’s time to reexamine your system and start prioritizing your pre-construction process. This week’s guest has a lot to share about this topic.

Join me as I interview my good friend and owner of Gannage Design & Construction, Mikhail Gannage.

In today’s episode, Mikhail and I talk about his remarkable transition from hands-on work to a process-driven approach.

Inspired by his background in industrial robotics, he shares how meticulous pre-construction planning is the secret to success. He reveals the strategies and tools that impacted his construction business, the limiting beliefs that hold people back, what it’s like to own a company rather than run one, and more.

Let’s jump right in!

Key Takeaways:

Introduction (00:00)

Meet Mikhail Gannage (03:26)

Commercial vs. residential projects (08:46) 

Lessons from a Top Gun instructor & pilot (11:16)

Limiting beliefs that hold people back (15:20) 

Finding the “who” and the monkey bar analogy (21:26)

Challenges that Mikhail faced in his business (27:43)

Impactful strategies and tools (34:07)

Getting your estimation down to a process (39:31)

The most important part of a construction project (46:23)

From running a construction company to owning one (1:00:00)

The CEO Alliance, setting goals and rapid-fire questions (1:08:34)


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