Episode 341: Achieve Absolute Freedom with This Transformative Principle



 Many of those who find the right “whos” for their business have seen significant increases in success. However, most entrepreneurs are crippled by the mentality that hiring more people is an expense. Dan Sullivan and Dr. Benjamin Hardy, authors of Who Not How, beg to disagree.

Join me in this riveting discussion with our very own Construction Leading Edge coaches, Leyah Hostetter and Monish Khadye, as we break down to you the Who Not How philosophy.

Today, we’ll unpack the four areas of freedom: time, money, relationships, and purpose, and how effective delegation can help you unlock all four.

We’ll discuss the pitfalls of the “How” mindset and its impact on business growth, strategies for finding and empowering the right people, and the role of transformational relationships in personal and professional success.

Ready to level up your construction business?

Let’s dive in!

Key Takeaways:

Introduction (00:00)

The Who Not How philosophy (01:29) 

Four areas of freedom (03:30)

Real-life application of the who, not how concept (08:23)

The opportunity cost of not delegating (22:23)

The truth about investing in people (31:30)

Focusing on who articulates your vision (33:38) 

The how mindset causes you to be a bottleneck (44:25)

What does embracing the Who Not How philosophy look like? (51:07)

Final thoughts and takeaways (1:03:50)


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