Episode 335: Estate Planning Myths, Mistakes, and Nightmares with Jon Braddock


What would happen to your family after you’re gone? 

Estate planning may not be as fun as booking a trip but without it, it’s like throwing away everything you’ve worked so hard for. Yet, research shows that fewer than 50% of Americans have a will or any form of estate plan. 

Who gets what? How do your loved ones access your assets? What about your ongoing projects? How can your construction business continue operating in your absence?

Joining me in this week’s episode is Jon Braddock. Jon is an estate planning expert and he’s here to share his experiences and insights on the often overlooked necessities of estate planning.

Jon and I talk about some of the common myths, misconceptions, and mistakes of estate planning that small business owners must avoid.

Whether you’re concerned about organizing your asset information, documenting crucial business processes, or simply unsure where to start crafting your will, this conversation provides you the knowledge and motivation to take action now.


Key Takeaways:

Introduction (00:00)

Meet Jon and his works at Estate Planning Nightmares (02:33)

Real-life examples of estate planning nightmares (07:20)

Ripple effects of poor or non-existent estate planning (12:46)

Common misconceptions people have about estate planning (14:48)

Importance of creating a solid estate plan (19:27)

What small business owners need to realize (27:08)

Why business continuity planning for small businesses matters (33:54)

The power of documented processes and systems (39:19)

First few steps in estate planning (46:16)

Episode wrap-up (53:06)


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– Grab a copy of Jon’s book, Click Here When I Die 



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