Episode 334: How to Achieve 1,126% Business Growth in Just 4 Years with Chris Tatge


 Have you ever wondered how controlling your entire construction process could drastically transform your projects and profits? This week, our guest exemplifies just that, achieving an astounding 1,126% business growth in just four years. 

Joining us is Chris Tatge, co-owner of DC Materials—a complete framing material provider for large multifamily and commercial construction projects and an Inc. Magazine honoree. 

In this episode, Chris shares how he transformed his business model to control both labor and materials, thereby enhancing its efficiency and project management.

He also discusses the challenges and lessons that came with this pivotal shift, the importance of the pre-construction phase, and much more.

Ready to grow your construction business?

Let’s dive in!


Key Takeaways:

Introduction (00:00)

Meet Chris Tatge (03:07)

From labor-only to turnkey contractor (05:51)

Optimizing designs for framing explained (13:03)

Turnkey contracting vs. traditional approach (14:38)

Leadership transition from the field to CEO (18:18)

Staffing strategies and stepping up (28:29)

How important is the pre-construction phase (33:20)

Leading a design team (39:56)

Future goals for DC Materials (43:42)

Final questions (44:37)

Episode wrap-up (51:56)


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