Episode 332: Is This Deficiency Plaguing Your Business?


Are you stuck in your construction business’s day-to-day operations? Do you find yourself constantly bombarded by messages and phone calls from clients, trade partners, and your team? Are your projects taking way too long? 

You may be suffering from a serious deficiency that’s costing many construction business owners millions of dollars!

In this week’s episode, we’ll dive deep into the crucial yet often overlooked phase that’s causing chaos in your business operations: pre-construction.

We’ll unpack common symptoms of a pre-construction deficiency, explore its side effects, and break down the secret to developing an effective pre-construction process. We’ll also show you how mastering this phase can transform both your business and personal life.

Join us in this riveting discussion!

Let’s dive in!

Key Takeaways:

Introduction (00:00)

The underlying problem (01:55)

Common symptoms of a construction deficiency (03:38)

Understanding the pre-construction deficiency (06:46)

How the JETS trap affects your team and business (10:36)

Nailing the handoff in five essential steps (12:22)

Secret to developing an effective pre-construction process (16:07)

Practical tips for a robust pre-construction process (20:06)

Side effects of nailing the handoff (23:52)

Reflective questions to ponder (30:03)

Episode wrap-up (32:03)


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