Episode 330: The CEO Mindset Shift: A Panel Discussion.



EPISODE 330: Do you feel stuck in your construction business’s day-to-day operations? Do you dream of taking it to the next level but are unsure how? These experts might teach you a thing or two.

Join us in this week’s panel discussion (and our first in-person episode) featuring Alex Gregg, Michael Moore, and Alex Thompson. 

These accomplished construction business owners share their pivotal shift from running a busy business in a firefighter mode to leveraging key talents in their teams and eventually putting on their CEO hats. 

Today, we discuss how to transition from an operator mindset to a CEO mindset, the importance of habits and routines, how to foster a culture of accountability and growth, the value of letting go, and more.

Are you ready to transform yourself and grow your business?

Let’s dive in!

Key Takeaways:

Introduction (00:00)

Meet the panel of experts (04:55)

Key shifts from thinking as an operator to CEO (06:31)

Importance of habits and routines (13:08)

The right-to-left thinking mindset (18:22)

Creating a culture of accountability (19:46)

How to ensure you’re continuously evolving as a CEO (34:11)

The value of letting go for growth (37:42)

How successful CEOs look at mistakes (46:29)

Resources for construction CEOs (47:55)

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