Episode 329: Executing a Successful Business Turnaround & Strategically Letting Go with Michael Moore


How can construction businesses thrive even during economic downturns? 

Join us in this week’s podcast episode as Michael Moore, owner and president of Waterton Construction Group, shares his journey in navigating the challenges of growing a construction company and how systematization and strategic changes turned his company from six-figure losses to seven-figure profits.

Today, Michael breaks down the impactful systems and processes he implemented, the selling the gap concept, how to master the art of letting go, and much more.

Ready to systematize your construction business and get out of the chaos? 

Tune in now to learn more. 


Key Takeaways:

Introduction (00:00)

Meet Michael Moore and his works at Waterton Construction (01:54)

Adapting to the current economic indicators and market dynamics (03:35)

Most impactful business changes & systems that Michael implemented (06:24)

Transitioning to ERP accounting software, revenue maximizer, and forecasting tools (09:39)

Discussing the selling the gap concept in pre-construction (21:13)

What didn’t work out for Michael (27:28)

The results and growth following systematic changes (30:53)

Practical advice on mastering the art of letting go (32:33)

What business and life have been for Michael after the changes (39:41)

Advice to construction business owners (52:02)

What it’s like being in the CEO Alliance (1:01:12)

Episode wrap-up (1:07:08)


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