Episode 327: Tracking Metrics, Casting Vision & Implementing Systems with Alex Gregg



Imagine leaving your teaching job and starting your dream business amidst an economic meltdown. It sounds daunting, right?

This is how Alex Gregg, owner of Gregg Homebuilding, started his custom homebuilding company in Tennessee.

From facing the uncertainty of the 2008 global financial crisis to transforming challenges into success stories, Alex shares his inspiring journey and the foundation that shaped his construction company.

We talk about the most impactful systems that grew his custom homebuilding business (which recently generated $10M in revenue), highlighting the importance of tracking metrics, casting a clear vision, and implementing systems. 

He also shares some of the challenges he encountered while implementing these changes, the mindset that got him through it, the ripple effects on his business and personal life, and more.

Let’s dive in!

Key Takeaways:

Introduction (00:00)

Alex’s transition from teaching to homebuilding (05:51)

On handling business challenges and frustrations (10:10)

3 most impactful systems that changed Alex’s construction business (18:11)

On tracking metrics and its ripple effects (22:15)

Why you should start charging for estimates (27:29)

The role of accountability chart in any business (30:02)

Effects of nailing the handoff and focusing on pre-construction (32:27)

Life before and after implementing these systems (35:01)

How casting a clear company vision and systems help in building great teams (40:58)

Most significant challenges when implementing changes in business (48:09)

The difference in mindset between building a project and putting systems in place (51:08)

On being around with like-minded people and building relationships (56:10)

Rapid-fire questions with Alex Gregg (1:04:28)

Episode wrap-up (1:07:06)


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