Episode 326: From Homebuilder to Business Builder: The Systems That Eliminate CHAOS and Improve Everyone’s Experience with Jeff Bowers

Most construction business owners handle all aspects of their companies themselves: estimation, sales, project management, and more.

However, it is easy to overlook the need to develop business acumen alongside trade skills when running a construction business.

Jeff Bowers, our guest on this week’s podcast, understands this principle better than most. 

As the owner and CEO of Masterpiece Design Build, a full-service general contracting firm specializing in designing and building custom homes, major residential renovations, and additions along with commercial projects, Jeff brings decades of industry experience to the table.

During this conversation, Jeff shares on the podcast how businesses should navigate economic downturns, the value of systematizing your construction process, the importance of improving everyone’s experience throughout construction, and the strategic systems and processes that built his company to where it is now.

Let’s dive in!


Key Takeaways:

Introduction (00:00)

Meet Jeff Bowers (04:42)

From painting contractor to custom home builder (09:56)

Navigating economic downturns and the role of resilience (11:40)

Focusing on business systems over manual skills (21:40)

Common fears to overcome when growing a business (24:50)

The impact of systematizing your construction process (27:44)

How important is the experience during pre-construction and construction processes (32:13)

Systems that grew Jeff’s construction business (38:07)

Does construction always have to be chaotic? (45:51)

Jeff’s advice for construction owners (46:52)

The CEO Alliance and its impact to Jeff (53:32)

What separates great companies from good companies (59:02)

Advice to his old self (1:04:24)

Rapid-fire questions with Jeff (1:07:40)

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