Episode 322: Stop Sabotaging Your Success: Hidden Thinking Traps Entrepreneurs Should Avoid

Is your construction business not making any progress? Are you putting things on hold for so long? You could be stuck in one of these hidden and destructive thinking traps.

In this week’s episode, I’ve invited Leyah Hostetter, our Director of Customer Success, and Monish Khadye, our Systematize Your Construction Business coach, to discuss the thinking traps holding back construction business owners. We uncover these pitfalls, how they affect your business and personal life, and some practical solutions to get out of these traps and unlock your business and life’s full potential.

So, if you want a meaningful change in your life, whether it’s relationships, health, or business, this episode is for you. Tune in now!

Key Takeaways:

Introduction (00:00)

Thinking trap #1: Fortune-telling (02:46)

Thinking trap #2: Fear as a major obstacle (09:16)

Thinking trap #3: Too busy or no time at all (14:39) 

Thinking trap #4: Micromanagement (19:34)

Thinking trap #5: Not trying something new (22:48)

Thinking trap #6: I can’t afford____ (27:56)

Thinking trap #7: Self-sabotage (35:06)

Thinking trap #8: The comfort trap (36:18)

Thinking trap #9: The shiny object syndrome (40:57)

Thinking trap #10: Perfectionism (46:43)

How to get out of these traps (57:42)

Final thoughts (1:07:04)



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