Episode 321: Living in The Gain and Generating Enjoyable Profits with Alex Thompson

Do you feel like you’re always falling short? Are you constantly comparing yourself to others? 

Here’s what most of us don’t realize: Comparing your current situation to an ideal outcome is a sure way to get yourself frustrated. Unfortunately, that’s how most of us are hardwired–focusing on what’s wrong and living in the gap

Measuring yourself against ideals is like measuring yourself against a moving horizon–you’ll never be contented or happy. The gap can never be satisfied externally. So, how does this affect you as a construction business owner? How do you break free from this deadly trap?

In this week’s episode, we’ll explore what it’s like living in the gap, how to break free from it, and how to start living in the gain and generate enjoyable profits. To better understand what it’s like living in the gain, our Director of Customer Success, Leyah Hostetter, sat down with Alex Thompson, owner and CEO of Monon Construction Group, for an insightful interview.

Don’t miss out on this one. Tune in now!

Key Takeaways:

Introduction (00:00)

Seven questions you have to ask yourself (01:25)

What happens when you’re in the gap? (02:52)

What is living in the gain? (05:50)

How to live in the gain (08:47)

What have you accomplished? (16:47)

Three options if you want to make a change (19:39)

Meet Alex Thompson of Monon Construction Group (23:22)

What does lack of accountability and systems look like (24:28)

The impact of having a CEO schedule (29:01)

What Alex learned from SYCB’s nailing the handoff process (31:08)

Generating enjoyable profits (36:07)

How’s life and business now for Alex (39:53)



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