Episode 320: How Adversity Can Crush You or Make You Unstoppable (You Choose)

Adversity and challenges are a part of life. It isn’t going away. However, most of us falsely think that adversity is bad and that we should hide or avoid it. What if I tell you that adversity is the key to your success?

You see, the adversity you’re dealing with is NOT the problem; it’s the story you’re telling yourself. 

In this episode of The Construction Leading Edge podcast, we’ll dive deep into how you can reframe adversity to help you power through life and your construction business.

Additionally, Leyah Hostetter, our Director of Customer Success, interviews Michael Thorp, one of our recent Systematize Your Construction Business (SYCB) program graduates, to share the business adversities and chaos he had to endure before signing up with our program and the most impactful lessons he learned that made the most significant change in his construction business.

Let’s dive in!

Key Takeaways:

Introduction (00:00)

The story of Admiral James Stockdale (01:41)

Facing and reframing adversity in life (03:43)

What most of us do when facing adversities (09:57)

Persevering through adversity is the key to success (15:07) 

What happens when you begin to embrace adversity (23:40)

Meet Michael Thorp (27:04)

Business challenges and chaos that Michael faced (32:21)

Most impactful lessons that Michael learned from the SYCB program (36:46)

Improving team efficiency and morale through open communication (40:14)

How’s life and business now for Michael (42:46)



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