Episode 318: How Referrals Can Hurt You & Other Insider Marketing Secrets with Spencer Powell

Referrals can hurt your construction business. Relying on referrals alone is certainly a risky business. They’re more like an anchor that’s holding you down. So, what does an effective construction marketing look like?

In this week’s episode, I had the pleasure of speaking with Spencer Powell, founder and CEO of Builder Funnel, a strategic marketing agency that helps remodelers and builders achieve sustainable business growth.

Spencer and I talk about all things marketing–what’s working and not working and the problems with relying solely on referrals. He also shares some valuable tips on how to build your pipeline of prospects, the top three marketing metrics you need to track, what to do when updating your website, and more.

Let’s dive in!


Key Takeaways:

Introduction (00:00)

What’s working and not working in marketing (05:19)

Tips for building a pool of prospects (07:54)

The downside of being 100% referral-based (13:59)

Questions to ask when designing a marketing strategy (17:10) 

Common marketing mistakes that builders and remodelers do (30:23) 

Top three metrics you should be tracking (33:32) 

How to effectively use social media (37:24)

What builders and remodelers need to focus on in 2024 (42:54)

Tips when updating your company website (49:46)

How Spencer extracts himself from the daily operations (56:00)

Keep up with Spencer and Builder Funnel (1:00:43)


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Guest Bonus: FREE copy of The Remodeler Marketing Blueprint

Grab a free copy of Spencer’s book, The Remodeler Marketing Blueprint: How to Attract Quality Leads, Increase Sales, and Dominate Your Competition, by emailing him at spowell@builderfunnel.com with Todd in the subject line.

Visit Builder Funnel for more information HERE.

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