Systematize your construction business.

An 8-Week Group “Results” Program for Homebuilders, Remodelers, and General Contractors

Proven strategies to get out of your business


Turn your operation into a well-oiled machine


Gain freedom to do what you want


Be the best


The Problems Builders Face


We just aren’t making the money we should.


My team isn’t taking ownership.


We’re constantly in reactive mode.


I’m working crazy hours.


I’m bad at processes. It’s all in my head!


I have to step in and fix things. Every problem lands in my lap.


I’m afraid to hire someone and retain them.


We start projects before we’re ready.

You’re not the Only One


Many construction business owners feel like their business is consuming their life. Getting your business to this point was no small feat. But at some point, you reach the tipping point where chaos takes over…and everyone starts to feel it.

The burden is heaviest for the owner.

“That was the main issue … it was just chaos. Playing whack-a-mole.”

Bill Tuck

father and daughter on a dock
owner with his team
sailing in retirement

From Choas to
In Control

We’ll work through strategies we’ve tested in the real world to deal with these common challenges:


The Cash Flow Roller Coaster


Building a Team


Project Management




Project Handoffs




Your Bottom Line

“The noise and the chatter and the frustration level on the team members has been greatly reduced.”

John Wojtas

What You Get

Systematize Your Construction Business has been designed to get you maximum results through:


Online video training modules delivered on a specific schedule


Downloadable resources like templates, tools, and checklists


Small group weekly Zoom calls to provide accountability and answer your questions


1:1 coaching calls at specific milestones and when you need support


Unlimited email support


Lifetime 24x7 on-demand access to online training modules and resources

Guaranteed Results


Develop your CEO Schedule

Identify the high-leverage tasks you should spend your time on and create a schedule to make it happen.


Design Your Organization for the Future

Create your Accountability Chart for two years in the future, and create an implementation plan to get there.


Nail the Handoff

Develop a clearly defined pre-construction process for handing projects off to the field.

“Once I started to go through “Nail the Handoff” and documenting what the pre-construction process should look like for us, I felt like yeah, this is the home run. This is the secret sauce.”

Jeff Bowers

Plus, You’ll Walk Through:


The Strategic Planning Guide

This guide will help you uncover and clarify your vision and direction for the business for the next five years.


The “Get It Out of Your Head” Guide

Create a “This is How We Do It” document that your team can use as a training guide and reference document, so it’s not all locked away in your head. (And yes, it is named after the 90’s hip hop song.)


Goal Setting Execution Plan

With this framework, you’ll establish clearly defined 3 and 12-month goals for the business.


Implement the 5-part Leadership System

You’ll learn how to delegate and communicate in a way that will help your team take ownership and solve problems faster, with fewer mistakes, and without you.

planning session
man working
owners talking

Getting off the Island

“I don’t have anyone to talk to.”

It can be hard for others in your life to understand what you’re going through. Whether you just lost a million-dollar bid or worked for six months on a job where you only made $9k, you face unique challenges.

As part of our community of like-minded construction business owners, you’ll connect with other people who get it. It’s a chance to brainstorm solutions and share your successes with other builders, contractors, and remodelers who experience similar things each day.

“All of a sudden I’m not in this alone. I’m in a group of guys who are in the same business as me. I’ve made new friends. I can put things in perspective. And I feel like there is a lot of opportunity. Tons  of opportunity.”

Phil Coe

Bonuses You’ll Receive


If you like quick wins, hacks, and having things done for you, you’ll get massive value from this stack of bonuses that are part of the program:

Construction Financial Masterclass

Set up systems for pricing and executing projects profitably, setting financial targets, and creating accurate financial data so that you can make confident decisions. ($5,000 value)

Revenue Maximizer

This system will help you establish your financial targets up to 6 months in the future, then turn those targets into reality. ($2,000 value)

Get Paid for Estimates

Revolutionize your business, upgrade your customer experience, and make your work more profitable by getting paid for pre-construction services. ($4,500 value)

Productivity Hacks to Boost Profitability

32 proven strategies to help your field crews and trade partners be more productive and profitable. ($2,000 value)

Streamline Customer Communication

Reduce overwhelm and reclaim up to 40% of your day while improving customer satisfaction. ($1,700 value)

Cut Change Order Chaos

Eliminate giveaways and chaos related to change orders, and deliver your projects on schedule…without burning bridges with your customers. ($3,500 value)

Precision Bookkeeping Assessment

An expert in construction bookkeeping will assess your bookkeeping setup with you, identify any pitfalls and provide recommendations to improve precision. ($1,100 value)

Subcontracting Mastery

Scale up your business while reducing risk with an integrated system for leveraging the strengths of trade partners. ($10,000 value)

Overpayment Recovery

Experts will review your past few years of financials, help identify where you may have overpaid, and outline a plan to recover those funds from the IRS and your insurance company. (The value of this is hard to estimate and has been a 5 or 6-figure number for some companies)


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How long will I have access to the content?

You’ll get lifetime 24×7 on-demand access to all the online training modules and resources.

Is this for me?

Our programs are designed to help established construction business owners systematize their business. Ideal candidates have over $1 million in annual revenue, have been in business for at least two years, and have a team.

I just started my construction business. Should I wait to enroll?

Congrats! You have an exciting road ahead of you. We recommend waiting for a while to apply. This program is structured for companies with over $1 million in annual revenue. But we have other resources that would be a great fit for you in the meantime, including several online courses and a Builder Mastermind group. Once you hit the $1 million revenue benchmark, we’d love for you to apply for the group coaching program.

We're really busy. Is now the right time for us?

We’d encourage you to ask yourself these questions:

1. Is there ever a perfect time? Would it be better to wait until things slow down because you don’t have work?

2. How much is the chaos in your business costing you each month? How much profit is bleeding out from rework, lost productivity, schedule overruns, and giveaways? Are you about to lose good employees because of the chaos?

Our program is designed for overwhelmed business owners who want to reach the next level without more burnout. Sometimes a busy season can be a great time to start implementing some changes.

How big is the group?

We accept no more than 10 people in each cohort.

How much time will I need to spend to get results?

You’ll need to spend about 4 hours per week going through the online content, plus implementation time.

When can I start?

We’re currently accepting applications for an upcoming cohort. Start dates depend on when you fill out the application and how fast the cohort fills up.

“Now that I’ve seen how we can achieve growth as well as my lifestyle, it’s very exciting.”

Monish Khadye

Our 2-Stage Guarantee

Stage 1

You’ll get our famous “100 Degree Porta John Guarantee”. If, after getting started in the program, you wouldn’t spend two hours in a 100 Degree Porta John to stay in the program, send us an email within 14 days of the official launch of the program, and we’ll refund 100% of your money.


Stage 2

If, at the end of 8 weeks, you don’t feel like you have achieved the guaranteed outcomes, our team will continue working with you, free of charge, until you achieve those outcomes, as long as you continue to put good faith effort into it.

“It took a leap of faith to do this. I’m really happy I did.”

Jeff Bowers

Group Coaching

Systematize Your Construction Business

Join like-minded construction business owners as we implement proven strategies to get out of the day-to-day details and grow your freedom. We only work with a small group of clients at a time.