4 Ninja Level Strategies for
Using Buildertrend to
Make Your Business Run Without You
…and More Profitably
During This Masterclass, You'll Discover...
4 Buildertrend insider secrets construction business owners are using to cut work hours by as much as 50%, and get out of constant firefighter mode. (Even if the business consumes your life and you have no idea how to get out of it.)
Buildertrend's "Kryptonite."  The thing that makes Buildertrend less powerful...maybe even useless.
How one Buildertrend user achieved an 8 hour work week and stopped hating his business…and the little known Buildertrend strategies he used to make it happen.
The little known trap that’s the root cause of most schedule delays, profit bleeds and chaos in a construction business…and the simple way to avoid stepping in that trap.
The big picture view capability you could be missing out on if you’re only using Buildertrend to manage your projects.
How construction teams are reclaiming up to 40% of their work week by using one strategy in Buildertrend.
How you can use Buildertrend to set up your business to run more profitably and without you being involved in day to day operations.
The speakers on this webinar
Todd is the founder and host of The Construction Leading Edge Podcast, one of the longest running and highest rated podcasts for construction business owners.

With 25 years of experience in the construction industry, Todd understands the challenges leaders face. From managing $300 million worth of projects to owning his own business, he knows what it’s like to deal with operational chaos.

He teaches online courses, leads group coaching programs, and hosts the #1 rated podcast for construction business owners. Todd is also a certified partner with CoConstruct, a Buildertrend Company.
Monish Khadye - Khadye Design and Construction
Monish Khadye is founder and owner of Khadye Design and Construction. He is a highly qualified builder with over 15 years of experience in diverse roles, including managing commercial projects up to $80 million.

Monish has worked in countries across the globe, including Australia and England. Monish has been using Buildertrend for several years to run his business, and has developed and implemented strategies to use the software to allow his business to run without his day to day involvement.