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We started Construction Leading Edge to help overworked business owners reclaim their construction businesses. We help leaders develop sustainable systems, effective team structures, and repeatable processes that make the business work better for everyone.

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OUr Values


Reclaim your time.

Solve the problems that weigh you down so you can focus on the type of work you want to do. When your business runs smoothly, it’s easier to travel, spend time with your family, and go home early to walk the dog or work out. You’ll be free to get more involved in your community, like volunteering at a non-profit or coaching youth sports.


Give back.

Business owners have an enormous opportunity to impact those around them: employees, trade partners, suppliers, clients, and the community. What you do matters—whether you’re getting young people into skilled trades or building someone’s dream retirement home. Our clients want to change lives by building businesses that develop high-quality homes and projects.


Create opportunities.

Change the trajectory of your life—and future generations. Wealth can help your children and grandchildren gain stability and opportunity. Then they can continue to bless others. From starting more businesses to supporting global missions, you can expand opportunities for others to gain freedom and make an impact.

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Todd Dawalt


With 25 years of experience in the construction industry, Todd understands the challenges leaders face. From managing $300 million worth of projects to owning his own business, he knows what it’s like to deal with operational chaos. Through his failures and successes, Todd has learned what it takes to run an effective organization and maintain personal freedom.

Todd is passionate about sharing his systems and strategies with other leaders so they can experience the same freedom. He teaches online courses, leads group coaching programs, and hosts the #1 rated podcast for construction business owners. Todd is also a certified partner with CoConstruct, a Buildertrend Company.

Todd is a husband to Lori and dad to four amazing kids. They love to travel to the “Forgotten Coast” of Florida every summer, play a lot of sports, and enjoy living in a small town in Kentucky.

Leyah Valgardson

Director of Customer Success

Leyah is here to help you overcome obstacles and actually implement the changes you want to make in your business. As the daughter of a contractor, Leyah learned the ins and outs of the construction world, from pulling wire to roofing a house. For over a decade, she worked for large production home builders, earning the role of National Director of Training & Development.

Leyah loves streamlining processes, developing business strategies, and creating outstanding customer experiences. She founded a business to help women strengthen their leadership skills and continues to use her coaching skills today. Leyah is passionate about helping others achieve their potential and excel as leaders.

Leyah enjoys adventures exploring the world from visiting the national parks in her home state of Utah to traveling to the most remote parts of the world. She, her boyfriend and dog especially love to hike or explore the trails in their UTV looking for ruins or petroglyphs in the Southwest. She also enjoys and practices yoga, laughter and anything to keep her young and happy!

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sanding wood

Monish Khadye


Monish began his construction career as a carpenter. He earned a bachelor’s degree in construction management and became a qualified building contractor in his early 20s. Monish has over 15 years of experience in diverse roles, including managing commercial projects up to $80 million. Monish has worked in countries across the globe, including Australia and England.

As a business owner, Monish implemented Construction Leading Edge systems that allowed him to increase revenue by 30% year on year. He loves finding creative ways to solve problems and built a design and construction one-stop shop to serve a gap in the market. Monish is passionate about helping his staff and others around him achieve their life goals.

Monish is husband and new dad to one incredible baby boy. In his free time, he loves to travel and push his own boundaries.

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