Episode 266: 3 Secrets to Eliminating Subcontractor Chaos

Your construction business’ success also depends on your trade partners (as I’d like to call them) or subcontractors. 

Most of the time, when subcontractors mess up production, the general contractors’ (GC) initial response is to replace them. 

Little did they know, though, that in doing so, they’re not just addressing the root cause of the problem, but they’re creating another issue that leads to another one, and so on.

And that’s what we want to avoid.

So, in this week’s episode, we’ll talk about three secrets on how to eliminate subcontractor chaos without finding new subs OR, worst, doing all the work yourselves.

In addition, we’ll also touch base on some construction myths and thinking traps that contribute to this industry’s chaos and how to crush them instead.

And when you finally understand these secrets, you can become the general contractor of choice in your market. If that sounds like the direction you’d want your company to take on, make sure to tune in to today’s episode.

Let’s get started!

Key Takeaways:

Introduction (00:00)

What are the problems with trade partners/subcontractors? (01:53)

Is there really a skilled labor shortage? (03:13)

Most common places people are losing time (05:06)

Technology as a hurdle to productivity (12:16)

You may be part of the productivity problem (13:23)

Use the five why’s method (14:50)

The underlying problem – JETS trap (17:06)

How to eliminate all the chaos? (29:31)

Quick recap (30:35)

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