41 Mistakes To Avoid When Dealing With
Conflict At Work


"Unresolved interpersonal conflict in the workplace is one of the largest reducible productivity costs, yet it is the least identified."  Daniel Dana, author of Conflict Resolution
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Here are some of the 41 Mistakes to Avoid:

  • #3 Avoiding conflict completely.  The report shares some surprising statistics on what managers would rather do than deal with conflict.
  • #9 Focusing on "the who" - The goal is not to figure out WHO is to blame.  Focus more on WHAT  happened and less on WHO did it.
  • #20 Filling the silence - You have been preparing for the "tough conversation," but this may be a surprise for the other person.  Let them process and resist the urge to fill the uncomfortable silence.
  • #26 Inconsistency - When it's OK for one person to do something, but not another...or if a manager's personality changes every day of the week, employees don't know what to expect.
  • #28 Using a script - This tactic is used to avoid the discomfort of an actual conversation.  
  • Download the free report to see the entire list of 41 Mistakes you need to make sure to avoid.

Are you making these mistakes when dealing with conflict? Download the free report to find out.

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