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#91: Punch Anxiety and Overwhelm in the Face with Rituals

Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines practiced every day. Here are some rituals and hacks you can use to beat anxiety and overwhelm and get more work done. Get more free productivity hacks with your free 10 day trial of The CONSTRUCTION BUSINESS ACCELERATOR  What you’ll learn in this construction podcast episode: […]

#087: Expert Sales Strategies and Tips for Women in Construction with Katie Roman

Described as a “kickass she-wolf” in a family owned business, selling to the construction industry, Katie Roman has some great advice you should listen to. Grab your free 10 day trial of The CONSTRUCTION BUSINESS ACCELERATOR What you’ll learn in this construction podcast episode: Why you’re probably afraid of selling, and how to get over […]

This Hidden Cost Could Be Killing Your Construction Business Bottom Line

Transcript All right, here’s the problem, construction business owners are bleeding cash from a hidden cost. It doesn’t show up on the bank statements or on an invoice, but you can bet it’s hitting your bottom line. It’s called opportunity cost, and here’s how it works. Think of your business as a machine, you put […]

#079: Ten Activities Worth $1K Per Hour or More

As a construction business owner or leader, you need to spend your time on “high value” activities Here Are Ten Activities Worth $1K Per Hour or More: #1.  Sell new projects or contracts Sell new work: it’s the number one thing that you can do worth at least $1,000. For example, you could spend eight […]

#078: The Lead Domino Principle

Some of the things on your to do list have disproportionate effects on your mental state, productivity and business.  They are “Lead Dominos.” Click here to see how the Construction Business Accelerator can help you turn your business into a well-oiled machine. This construction podcast from is going to help you identify your lead dominos, […]

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#072: How Brian King Grew His Company to $100 Million

This construction podcast from is an interview with Brian King, founder, owner and president of A M King, a $100 million design build construction firm. Free help to eliminate chaos in your business What you’ll learn about in this construction podcast: The wrong mindsets you need to overcome to be successful as a construction business […]

25 Point Construction Business Checkup

Click here to download your 25 POINT CONSTRUCTION BUSINESS CHECKUP Every time you take your vehicle in for maintenance, you’re going to get a 87 or 160 point maintenance checkup.  If you do that for your vehicle…. It makes sense to do a checkup on your business too I put together a 25 Point Construction […]

#068: Making the Jump From the Field to the Office with CBA Member Roy Garner

Friends are for weekends. The difference between doing the work and running a business. How to make the transition from the field to the office. These are a few of the lessons that Roy Garner, owner of Eco Construction Services shares on this construction podcast episode. Here’s what else you’ll learn from this construction podcast: […]

#067: Top 10 Ways Contractors Can Make This The Best Year Ever

Get control of your cash flow – Maximize revenue – Sell better to sell more – Maximize personal productivity – Increase crew productivity… These are a few of the Top 10 Things you can do if you own or manage a construction business, to make this the best year ever. Here are the Top 10 […]

#066: Failure and Resistance

Failure is a figment of your imagination. Resistance is a force that’s trying desperately to keep things the same. Welcome to The Construction Leading Edge podcast from  The construction podcast for construction business owners and leaders. What you’ll learn about in this construction podcast episode: Why failure is a figment of your imagination. How […]