#110: Spencer Padgett – Working with Architects, Surviving the Recession & $40k Candy Bars

“Spencer, can you deposit $1 million on Monday?”  How did Spencer Padgett reply to his banker’s request?  How did his homebuilding business survive the recession.  How did a Snickers bar cost $40,000?

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What you’ll learn about in this construction podcast episode:

  • Leadership lessons from Spencer’s tenure in the Naval Academy and the United States Marine Corps.
  • The cautionary tale of “The $40,000 Snickers Bar.”
  • How Spencer’s company pivoted to survive the recession of 2008.
  • The importance of “grit.”
  • Business lessons Spencer has picked up from working with a software company.
  • Why did Spencer make the transition from homebuilder to working as Builder-in-Residence at CoConstruct?

How to get in touch with Spencer Padgett:

Connect with Spencer on LinkedIn

CoConstruct’s website – www.coconstruct.com

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