#093: Symptoms of a Screwed Up Company Culture – with Kevin Monroe

Is your company culture screwed up? Is it suffering from a “purpose deficiency?” Why should you care? Listen to this construction podcast episode with Kevin Monroe to find out.

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What you’ll learn in this construction podcast episode:

  • What’s going to happen if you aren’t intentional with your company culture. (It’s not good.)
  • Does your company have the symptoms of a screwed up culture?
  • Is your team displaying the symptoms of a purpose deficiency?
  • Your company has values, whether you know it or not.  How do you uncover them?
  • Does servant leadership really work?
  • Crucial lessons you can learn from a fighter pilot who spent seven years in a prisoner of war camp in Vietnam.

How you can contact Kevin Monroe

Kevin’s website – www.kevindmonroe.com

The 28 Day Sprint – www.28daysprint.com


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