#074: Biggest Employment Mistakes, OSHA Defense & Marijuana with Construction Attorney Philip Siegel

Episode #74 of The Construction Leading Edge construction podcast is an interview…really more of a master class with construction attorney Philip Siegel.

Philip Siegel is an attorney who specializes in helping general contractors, subcontractors and suppliers stay out trouble

…when it comes to labor/employment law, OSHA citations, contract consulting, payment disputes, and construction litigation.

What you’re going to learn about in this construction podcast:

  1. What is the “unforeseeable employee misconduct defense” in response to an OSHA citation?
  2. Why drug testing?
  3. How to avoid payment disputes and get paid faster.
  4. Medical marijuana – What you may not be aware of.
  5. What you need to know if you work in a state with legalized marijuana
  6. Independent contractor or employee? How to stay out of trouble.
  7. Top 3 employment mistakes contractors make
  8. One thing every contractor should do this week to avoid trouble with a federal agency that is ramping up activity right now.


Resources mentioned in this construction podcast:

Secrets Strategies of Successful Contractors: Free Videos for Construction Business Owners

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How to contact Philip Siegel

Phone: 404-469-9197

E-mail: pjs@hpsslaw.com

Website: www.hpsslaw.com